Published on October 16, 2016

The Shalom Zone is always and exciting place with loads of exciting activities going on each day. We hope our new web page will keep you updated and that you are able to join in on some of those wonderful activities.

We are unique in the entire state of Tennessee as a multi-tenant facility, providing below market rent to non-profits and those serving our entire county. Shalom also has their own programs that reach a wide array of individuals in Sumner County and the surrounding counties. All are welcome.

Today I would like to talk about poverty in relationship to the Shalom Zone. Many people think that poverty is financial. At the Shalom Zone we believe poverty has many faces it can be relational, spiritual, physical or financial.  As the old saying goes, it is not all about money. One of our core beliefs is that everyone can bring something to Shalom. This improves our community and the individuals that live here. We hope you will “give back” to day at the Shalom Zone by being a volunteer. Read a book to a child, volunteer to tutor a child, attend a financial literacy class, come and see what we do and join us!

  • S Systematic & sustainable change
  • H Healing, health, harmony, & wholeness
  • A Asset-based community development
  • L Love for God, self, & neighbor
  • O Organization a direct action
  • M Multicultural, multi-faith collaboration

Gallatin Shalom Zone is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.