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Our Mission | Core Values


Gallatin Shalom Zone is  designed to engage residents of Sumner County in the work of healing, peace, education, reconciliation,  and love so that we can grow beyond our current circumstances and, together, live as a beloved community.

We welcome children, youth, individuals, and families with the purpose of encouraging self-sufficiency, wholeness, health, and inner peace that generates long-term potential and prosperity.

We Rise By Lifting Others

 Gallatin Shalom Zone is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that is diverse, inclusive, and equitable where we treat all staff, volunteers, clients, community partners, and board members with respect and dignity. Gallatin Shalom Zone dedicates itself to providing life-enriching programs for children, youth, families, and individuals regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual identity, familial status, age, disability and socio-economic status. We value and respect the full participation of each individual in our programs, services, and employment opportunities without regard to historical, structural, legislative, racial, and socio-economic inequities. We celebrate the rich diversity of the community we serve and we will not tolerate discrimination, biases, harassment, or bullying of any kind. The diversity, equity, and inclusion principles guide Gallatin Shalom Zone in its mission, strategic planning, programming, board and staff composition, and governance.

Our Values

Invite In

We, along with our partners in our community resource center, invite the community in to get meaningful assistance with understanding.

Encourage Here

We provide quality programs in a safe and loving environment that educate and encourage families to work toward self-sufficiency and strengthening the family unit.

Love Forward

Our programs and partners help encourage children and families to follow the pathway out of poverty, reach their potential, and gain an understanding of a better future.

How We Accomplish Our Mission


GSZ’s multitude of free programs and services focus on the growth and development of children, youth, families, and individuals in our community. Our goal is to assist in the pursuit of pathways to self-sufficiency and healthy lifestyles that can lead to growth beyond circumstances. Our network of eager providers, dedicated, staff, and enthusiastic volunteers are committed to the success of our programs.


In addition to operating its programs, GSZ is a fully operational community resource center that offers office space, at or below market value, to nonprofits and the Gallatin Police Department. GSZ partner organizations work collaboratively to provide our community wraparound services, resources, and support.


GSZ is committed to participating in nonprofit work across the county. We do this through managing the Sumner County Collaborative Group, a peer group with over 100 local organizations, churches, and agencies registered to network and share resources, working openly and collaboratively to offer the highest level of services without duplication.

How It Began

Our History

The initial concept for Gallatin Shalom Zone began in 1996 when local pastors from United Methodist Church and African Methodist Episcopal church met to discuss ways to transform the community of Clearview Heights into a safe and productive neighborhood. Early efforts were specifically focused on physical cleanup of the area, and working to ensure the safety of residents, which would in turn be of benefit to the entire city of Gallatin. Soon, local residents, community lay leaders, and members of a wider Gallatin area, saw the necessity of this project, and worked together to coordinate resources and ideas to further the mission of GSZ. November 5, 1999, through the committed efforts of these individuals, Gallatin Shalom Zone was officially incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)3.

The search began for a brick and mortar building that could serve the community as a resource center and community hub. Having sat vacant for years, the former Union High School building in the heart of the Clearview Community was deeded to Gallatin Shalom Zone in 2004. Steeped in history, and with deep-rooted ties to the community, Union High was the logical choice to house GSZ. Built in 1950 during the time of segregation in the country, Union High served as the African American high school in Gallatin for the next 20 years. In 1970, federal laws were passed that mandated integration, and all Union High students were integrated into Gallatin High School. Not long after, the Union High building became the home of Rucker Stewart Middle School until 1997; at that time, all operations in the building ceased. After taking ownership in 2004, GSZ began a capital campaign and was able to begin building renovation and reconstruction in January of 2008. That same year, in April, 10 agencies along with Gallatin Shalom Zone Inc. were able to move into the building and begin serving our community.

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