Gallatin Shalom Zone is an organization designed to engage residents of Sumner County in the work of healing, peace, reconciliation, justice, and love so that we can grow beyond our current circumstances and, together, live as the beloved community. Pockets of our communities face challenges of poverty, crime, and inadequate education.

About Union High

By transforming the former Union High School, which the Sumner County Board of Education deeded in 2004, Gallatin Shalom Zone is in position to partner with residents and other organizations to uplift lives and revitalize the community. Galvanizing leaders of diverse backgrounds, Gallatin Shalom Zone brings people together to stimulate community transformation. The establishment of the Union High Resource Center provides Gallatin Shalom Zone opportunities to partner with community members and other organizations to build the physical, educational, emotional, spiritual and economic health of the community through programs that foster sustainable and healthy living. By promoting healing in Sumner County, Gallatin Shalom Zone will be participating in the vibrancy of Gallatin and Sumner County for generations to come.

All children deserve a safe environment in which to live and raise their children and grandchildren. To this end, the Union High Resource Center will be a community center where people of all ages can seek and contribute resources to cultivate skills, participate in healthy activities, and find encouragement for life’s challenges.

At the epicenter of what will become a community renaissance, Union High Resource Center will provide youth, children and adults a safe place to study, play, get help with homework and participate in sports and recreational activities. Not only will it give parents peace of mind to know that their children are safe, but this will also be a place where parents learn, grow and interact with their families and the community. Seniors, too, will benefit from the center’s wellness initiatives and programs. By partnering with the community and organizations with successful track-records, Union High Resource Center will collaborate to implement solutions that speak to the community’s challenges while being good stewards of contributed dollars and available resources.

Union High Resource Center ultimately hopes to promote a quality of life in Sumner County where residents experience less crime and family units are strengthened. In time, we believe that more residents will complete high school. We look forward to residents of Sumner County creating and maintaining safe and attractive neighborhoods where all residents thrive.

Our Goals

Gallatin Shalom Zone has raised over $3.5 million to give rebirth to the former Union High and create an invaluable resource. With community support, the Union High Resource Center will continue to bring new life into this region.

Our Staff

  • Bethany Sullivan - Executive Director
  • Lisa Wright - Operations and Administrative Assistant
  • Becky Malone - After School Program Coordinator
  • Bill Nelson - English as Second Language Coordinator
  • S Systematic & sustainable change
  • H Healing, health, harmony, & wholeness
  • A Asset-based community development
  • L Love for God, self, & neighbor
  • O Organization a direct action
  • M Multicultural, multi-faith collaboration

Gallatin Shalom Zone is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.